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2016 Goodeng Machine Fifth Trenchless Technology Training Session

Views: 793     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2016-02-04      Origin: Site

“Goodeng Machine” has been holding trenchless technology training session for free for four years, and this session was held from Sep. 20th to 24th as promised.

After “Door-to-door Free Maintenance” activity from June to September, more and more customers speak highly of “Goodeng Machine” and want to join the training session. The original quota is 20 for each session, and at requirement of our customers we finalize 28 person to attend the session.




To have participants make most use of the chance to learn most practical knowledge, we meticulously selected the topics and invited the experienced and authoritative teachers to give lessons. The lessons including principles of trenchless technology, maintenance of rig, circuit system and hydraulic system, the choice method of regular and rock drilling tools, formulation of bentonite, the operation of locating system, we also organized the certification exams of guiding, drilling and slurry on behalf of Shanghai Society of Trenchless Technology, which offers our students explicit theory instructions






During the 5-day training, our students get to understand that our training’s purpose is to pay back our customers and promote the development of trenchless industry.

“Goodeng Machine” will constantly carry the belief of raising the customer satisfaction, serving our customers wholeheartedly, continue holding the free and systematic trenchless technology training for practitioners in trenchless field and cultivate qualified trenchless engineers.