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A upgrade of “King of fuel-efficient”------GD450—L horizontal directional drilling machine

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It is well known that Goodeng GD380 series horizontal directional drilling machine has become star product in the market with their superior performance.

With intense market competition in trenchless industry, enterprises should research and development products of higher quality. The same as Goodeng Machine, Jiangsu Goodeng engineering machinery Assembling CO., LTD make more and more innovation, upgrading existing resources in 2014. Nowadays, the small and medium-sized directional drilling machine is most popular, GD450-L series are also more upgrade than GD380 series, which with better configuration than GD380

GD450-L series are enhanced and with better configuration compared with the similar level machine. we adopts special engine from Cummins Engineering Machinery, with strong power. Automatic variable system of Rexroth pump take responsibility of rotation、push & pull、clamping and walk. And it controlled by load-sensitive proportional multi-way valve. The hydraulic system working efficiency is 15% to 20% higher than traditional, which can reduce 50% system heat and can be 15% -20% energy-saving. With greatly increased working speed, the terminal user can clearly feel the higher construction efficiency.

The driving head of GD450-L series can be enforced, the max push & pull force get to 900KN, higher than traditional 450KN which have the same torque. Compared with others, GD450-L series can adapt to different kind of strata,even can ensure the reliability of construction when big diameter.

At the same time, we use overturning  manipulator driven by high torque motor to load and unload drill rods, The flip angle is adjustable, up to 220°, which is more convenient to load and unload drill rods, greatly reduce labor intensity of the workers labor intensity and improve working efficiency.

We upgrade structure design again, promoting the intensity and reliability of construction.

1、Main girder adopts four bar linkage luffing structure, with better connect way, which highly increases incidence angle, ensure the steel tracks not being off ground, promoting the safety performance.

2、With easy electricity circuit system and low failure rate.

3、Using gear rack to push & pull, to work with high efficiency and stability and it’s convenient to repair and maintain.

GD450-L series can perform with high efficiency, we can do what we need.

1、Steel track plated by rubber can be loaded heavily and can walk on all kinds of roads as well.

2、Both φ89×4500mm、φ102×4500 is suitable,the machine with right size to meet the requirement of narrow construction sitewhich is also efficient.

 The View of expert and media

Several experts in trenchless industry point out that “As to customers using horizontal directional drilling machine, Goodeng R&D Team has brought them new experience of product, more efficient, more reliable and more comfortable. They also promote the influence of Goodeng brand and other domestic horizontal directional drilling machinewhich is a closer step to world's top level as well.