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"An Unbeatable Rival of Rock"-GS500AT-L

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"An Unbeatable Rival of Rock"-GS500AT-L


Recently, trenchless tech has been used in different areas. Crossing the rock stratum is becoming more and more common. With the complexity of construction conditions and the increase of construction cost, the traditional rock crossing technology has troubled the trenchless construction enterprises at home and abroad with its high cost, low efficiency, high pollution and other factors. Therefore, the double wall drilling technology (a new rock crossing technology: the external pipe to drive guided drilling and the internal pipe to drive tricone bit to break rock) is more and more favored by customers, especially for short-distance.

Since 2016, Goodeng GD450AT-L made contributions to lots of rock crossing project at home and abroad.


To meet the complex needs of rock working condition, Goodeng R&D team did all their best to improve, update the technology. The first set of Goodeng GS500AT-L has helped the customer cross six rock pipelines in Mianyang, Sichuan in 20 days, with a total length of more than 2100 meters. The customer highly praised "An Unbeatable Rival of Rock".


       GS500AT-L All terrain Hdd machine specifications


Engine power


Rig weight


Caterpillar   crawling speed


Dimensions(L×W×H   mm)


Max   thrust&pullback force


Max   thrust&pullback speed


Max torque of   external rod


max rotation speed   of external rod


Max torque of   internal rod


Max rotation   speed of internal rod


Max mud pump flow


Max mud pump   pressure


Entry drill angel


Max climbing   gradient


Max back-reaming   aperture diameter  


(soil depended)

Max crossing   length


(soil depended)

       Why choose GS500AT-L

1.“High configuration”----It is equipped with Cummins power system, Germany Linde hydraulic system, humanized cabin, rotation manipulator which is Goodeng’s patent, PLC constant power control system, 10 "ultra large integrated display screen, crane and other high performance configuration.

2. High efficiency ---- Double drive power head adopted the industry's leading double-wall drilling technology, and the internal rod is used for cutting rocks; High output rotational speed, high torque, strong impact resistant ability, fast drilling speed, the efficiency of construction is more than 5 times of conventional mud pump. The rock with 50MPa hardness can be drilled more than 20m per hour. Prepositive sonde hosing makes the distance of bit angle shorter and the accuracy of guidance higher.

3. Low cost ---- All Terrain technology enables enhanced rock drilling at a Low fluid level, decreasing overall jobsite waste, minimizing cleanup and reducing environmental impact.