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GD3500-LS HDD Machine in Pipeline Crossing project for water transportation in Chongqing city

Views: 239     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2015-12-11      Origin: Site

Project Name: Pipeline Crossing project for water transportation

Project location: Chongqing city

Pipe Specification:Φ820mm

Construction Equipment: GD3500-LS HDD Machine

Crossing length:653.166m

Soil condition: Sand、Rock

Project Description:

As to this project, we should relocate the Miaoshanpo water plant to Shuidongmen water plant, so we should build the main pipe branch,

Pipe type is DN800 steel pipe, the whole project length is 2000m,

Our drilling length of Construction Section is 650m,and at the same time we also build Valve well, exhaust well, exhaust valve and other facilities.