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GD4000-LS HDD Machine in Pipeline crossing project in Jiaxing City Zhejiang Province

Views: 13     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2015-11-28      Origin: Site

Project Name:Pipeline crossing project

Project location:Jiaxing City Zhejiang Province

Pipe Specification:Φ1016×21mm

Construction Equipment:GD4000-LS HDD Machine

Crossing length:960m

Soil condition: Sand、Rock

Project description: The length of the total project is 93.86km, it start from Hangzhou city Zhengjiang province, and get through Haining city、Haiyan county、Pinghu City、Shanghai city,we arrange 5 valve chest、1 lateral station、1 end station in Shanghai,and this project cross the Highway, railway, tunnel 630 times, and cross the Rivers, canals, fish pond (water) 293 times, and Underground obstacles 90 times, even associate with each segment 1453 times .