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GD8000-LLS HDD Machine in Natural Gas Pipeline Crossing project in Ganjiang City Jiangxi Province

Views: 674     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2015-11-26      Origin: Site

Project Name: Natural Gas Pipeline Crossing project

Project location:Ganjiang City Jiangxi Province

Pipe Specification:Φ508×10L415 straight saw pipe

Construction Equipment: GD8000-LLS HDD Machine

Crossing length:1890.34m

Soil condition: Sand, rock, Shale and sand stone

Project Description:

The project need through Jiangxi Ganjiang river, river bed geological condition is very complex, cross section including the fault zone, pebbles, sand layer and thick soft soil layer (including a lot of pebbles) and so on, When into the hole is more difficult, Angle and azimuth Angle is difficult to control, construction difficulty can’t be imagined. This project is domestic the largest and longest construction in recent years, the most complex geological trenchless directional crossing engineering.

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