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GOODENG MACHINE GS12000-T for Shandong XingRun National Energy Heating Project

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GOODENG GS12000-T was sent to Shangdong Province, China On 21st Oct, to help finish the National Energy Heating Project which is contracted by LiuBin engineering company. It is so exciting that Goodeng have the honor again to make a contribution to China's thermal industry. The picture shows the departure ceremony for GS12000-T transported to Heze City, Shangdong province.

Group photo of participants
Figure 1: Group photo of participants

“GS12000-T Large type HDD Machine
Figure 2:“GS12000-T Large type HDD Machine

Goodeng Machine Chairman Mr Chen made a speech of thanks for LiuBin engineering company's trust and support over the years, GS12000-T Large type HDD Machine adopted New design concept of Large Hdd Machine, which is the perfect combination of intelligence, efficiency and humanity. We expect the success of the construction.

“Goodeng Machine” Chairman Mr Chen make a speech
Figure 3:“Goodeng Machine” Chairman Mr Chen make a speech

Company employees attend the ceremony
Figure 4:Company employees attend the ceremony

Liubin engineering company, Mr liu made a speech, he spoke highly of the GS12000-T, Goodeng Machine R & D level and efficient production capacity. He expects the next cooperation with Goodeng Machine.

Mr LiuBin make a speech
Figure 5: Mr LiuBin make a speech

Handover ceremony
Figure 6:Handover ceremony

Exclusive customization to meet customer's demands

Over the years, Goodeng Machine insists customer first, service first, LiuBin engineering company is the important partner of Goodeng Machine. After receiving the order of this National Energy Heating Project, we set up a project team immediately to design and produce.

GS12000-T Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine
Figure 7: GS12000-T Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine

GS12000-T Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine2

Figure 8:GS12000-T Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine

Seek increasing perfection,creating superior quality model

In order to make better quality,“Goodeng Machine”established a team including R&D , Marketing, Production, Purchase, QC Dept to promote this project, through regular conferences, timely improvement, ensuring customer’s satisfaction.

Figure 9:“GS12000-T”Debugging

Firm Foundation, Excellent Achievement

Goodeng Machine break through numbers of core technology, depending on decades’ R&D experience of the large series HDD machine. GS12000-T super large drilling machine integrates multiple technologies, such as design and manufacturing technology of high strength structural parts, hydraulic and electric control technology of multi-power and multi-actuator, high reliability guarantee technology, active safety control technology and high efficiency and energy saving control technology. Ingenuity and excellent quality make us the leader of this industry. 

“GS12000-T” --Set off
Figure 10:“GS12000-T” --Set off 

GS12000-T -- Set off
Figure 11: GS12000-T -- Set off 

In recent years, "Goodeng Machine" has been used in many national projects successfully, like China West-East natural gas transmission, China-Russia natural gas transmission, China-Myanmar oil gas pipeline laying project. We believe that Goodeng Machine will be better with its high performance, high efficiency, low cost and other remarkable features in the future.