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I. Project Profile

Project Name:China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation & Kuwait National Oil Company Limited Joint Project ---Zhanjiang,        Lianjiang Product Oil Pipeline Project Sea Area HDD Works
The Owner/Construction Party:China Petrochemical Marketing Co. Ltd -Huanan branch
Construction Organization:Sinopec Shengli Oil Construction Engineering Co. LTD
Project Characteristics:More than 4 km HDD Works. The longest Land -Sea HDD Project in China
Geological Conditions:Plain Fill, Sludge, Silty Clay, Weathered Basalt

Topographic Condition:The HDD entry point of Tongming Strait is in a village,Tongming Strait exit point is in a farmland beside the seawall.

Construction difficulties:

1. Distance: 4071 meters HDD Project (370 steel pipes welded together);

2. Complex geologic structure, High Demand of Mud Matching;

3. Prefabricated curve should meet the demand of radius of curvature


  Picture 1Nan Tong Tongming Strait Plan


Picture 2:Construction Site Aerial View

II. Construction Equipment

Two sets of GS6000-T, Two sets of GS5000-L, One set of GT5000 Ejector Sleeve, Six sets of CN2500 Mud Pump, Two sets of American ParaTrack2 Location system.


 Picture 3:“Goodeng Machine”GS6000-T HDD Machine


  Picture4: “Goodeng Machine”GS5000-L HDD Machine


Picture 5:“Goodeng Machine”GT5000 Ejector Sleeve

III. Technical Support
Risk Prevention:Construction site is equipped with 1 set of GT5000 Ejector Sleeve; When reaming back, it adopts turning rolls and                              pipe ditch to send pipeline, protecting all turning points.
Reaming(second time):Using 500mm, 800mm Fluted Reamer
Pulling pipeline:Using Barrel Reamer
IV. Construction Time
Start Time:March 15th, 2019
Finish Time: May 17th, 2019


 Picture 6: Guiding


  Picture 7Reaming


  Picture 8:Pipeline route


  Picture 9Dragging 


    Picture 10:Dragging pipeline successfully


Picture11:Dragging pipeline successfully

V. Auxiliary Mud
Mud Specifications:Marsh Funnel Viscosity 80S-100S.

VI. Construction Conclusion
It is the first time for us to finish such a long-distance project in China, it is a valuable experience for future construction project.