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Goodeng Machine 2017 Service Long March activity officially began

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July 25, 2017, a hot, sunny day ,Jiangsu Goodeng Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. solemnly held the Goodeng Long March、Service Zero Distance opening ceremony for large customer service activity.


    Enthusiastic Goodeng、Customer-First

    East China, Central China, South China and North China four service teams will send the most deep greetings to customers and friends all over the country under the hot sun .So that the majority of customers in summer can also feel Goodeng company's deep care.


Service long match is an important and traditional large-scale service activity of Goodeng Machine. Over the years, through the free testing, free maintenance (man hour) and imparting proper maintenance knowledge, teach the correct maintenance knowledge and other initiatives to visit and serve the Goodeng and other manufacturers and other large customers, received a very good effect; Through such activities, we not only support a large number of customers with timely, convenient and thoughtful service, while narrow the distance between enterprise and users, enhance mutual trust and understanding, and promote the Goodeng service level and establish a good brand image.


Goodeng Machine 2017 service long match has been started, company hopes  this activity can affirm old traditions and make new beginnings, carry forward the Goodeng traditional advantages , and constantly improve the service level, continue to work towards the goal of building the first brand of trenchless industry.


As we all know, nowadays trenchless construction machinery competition tends to perfervid, homogenization competition is more intensified, Competition between enterprises is the service, service level determines the product market competitiveness.The importance of customer relationships maintenance is self-evident, so we need to change the concept of service, transfer the product service into a full range of customer service.


The service long match with the hot weather, the  far distance , heavy task, hope  this the four service teams with all the  company staffs’greetings and entrust to overcome the difficulties ,to provide customers service wholeheartedly, successfully complete the task.


At this moment, the customer's smile on the service site real-time photos showed everything, this is the original intention of Goodeng Long March、Service Zero Distance Under the witness of the sun, Goodeng always adheres to the service concept of all from the customer, all for the customer. Customer demand-oriented. First-class technology, first-class products, first-class service as the goal to create the greatest value for customers, for better city!