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Goodeng Machine 2019 Service Long March Activity

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August 9th, 2019, a hot, sunny day. Jiangsu Goodeng Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd solemnly held the Goodeng Long March、Service Zero Distance Opening Ceremony for large customer service activity. It marks the start of Goodeng 2019 Service Long March Activity.


Figure 1:Service Long March Activity Ceremony 

Since 2013, GOODENG has held Service Long March Activity six times, this is the 7th. Goodeng Service Long March Activity is mainly to provide customers maintenance service. Meanwhile, according to construction situation, GOODENG will also explain to the customer about operation & maintenance matters needing attention. To enhance communication between salesmen and customers. Goodeng Service is available to every customer.


Figure 2:Chairman Chen Fenggang addresses


Figure 3:Vice President Zhu Yong addresses


Figure 4:Company staffs are attending the ceremony

East China, Central China, West China, North China and North east China service teams will send the mostly deep greetings to customers and friends all over the country under the hot sun. So that the majority of customers in summer can also feel Goodeng company's deep care. In ceremony, each service team leader makes the speech.  


 Figure 5:Preparation 


Figure 6:Central China leader makes a speech


Figure7:Flag-giving Ceremony


Figure 8:Preparation


 Figure 9:Set Off


Figure 10:Set Off

2019 is the year for goodeng to develop. GOODENG MACHINE has made a series of policies and measures to strengthen products quality and improve service quality to enhance market competitiveness. The Goodeng Long March、Service Zero Distance is not just a service slogan but also a service brand, we are trying to improve corporate image as well increase the satisfaction degree of customers through this activity.