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“Goodeng Machine” Attended 2016 Beijng Trenchless Show

Views: 260     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2016-10-13      Origin: Site

From Oct. 10th to Oct. 12th , the feast of trenchless field---- the 34th International Trenchless Show, initiated by ISTT and hosted by China Geology Institute Trenchless Technology Committee, is held in Beijing Agriculture Exhibition Hall.



During the Show, “Goodeng Machine” seized the chance to convene the new product conference to positively expound on updated GS200-L, GS350-L and newly developed double-rod rock rig to the public and guests in trenchless circle. In particular, the brand new rock rig attracted the much attention from guests both at home and abroad present at the show.


Our salesperson give visitors full details of characteristics, superiorities as well as performance of the rig, and our engineers also operated the rig at the spot to give our customers direct and visual contact with excellent performance of Goodeng rigs.







The Show not only offers the platform for Goodeng to show its strength, but also provides the channel for high-quality clients and suppliers to get contact with Goodeng. With Goodeng get recognition and attention from more and more powerful clients at home and abroad, many suppliers seek to establish partnership with Goodeng.


In recent years, “Goodeng Machine” has been constantly updating and innovating new technologies, raising superior service and customer satisfaction. In particular, the “Door-to-door Free Maintenance” activity launched in the second half of this year has received rave reviews and highly attention of broad customers, which contributed to expand the market rapidly, even the supply of 40 sets of rig per month can not meet the demand of the market any more. During the Show, we have received more than 10 orders and established partnership with foreign agents, which fully confirmed unique glamour and brand advantage of “Goodeng Machine”, and also lay the foundation for Goodeng Machine to become top rig manufacturer internationally.