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“Goodeng Machine” GS12000-T, the First Super Large Series HDD Machine Departed to the National Priorities Project –- East Line of China-Russia Natural Gas Pipeline

Views: 34     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-09-01      Origin: Site

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On 11th August, the departure ceremony of “GS12000-T” HDD machine was held at the production base of Jiangsu Goodeng Engineering Machinery Assembling CO., Ltd, which is for that the first super large series HDD machine of ‘Goodeng Machine” went on an expedition to the National Priorities Project – China-Russia Natural Gas Pipeline (East line). The Chairman Mr. Zhou Hongtao, the General Manager Mr. Zhou Gaoxiang and the Project Manager Mr. Zhu Xinlong from Yiwu Hengdong Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd. together with “Goodeng Machine” Chairman Mr. Chen Fenggang and the Vice General Manager Mr. Zhuyong attended the ceremony.


 Participants Photography

The China-Russia Natural Gas Pipeline (East line) Project is regarded as a significant achievement of Strengthening Comprehensive Energy Partnership and Deepening Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Partnership between China and Russia. Within the territory of China, the starting point lies in the Heihe City, Hei Longjiang Province, which is the Sino-Russian border. To the terminal point, Shanghai City, the total length reaches 3371 kilometers. It is the longest natural gas pipeline with the largest diameter and the highest pressure.


China-Russia National Gas Pipeline (East line)

“Goodeng Machine” is the important partners of the Yiwu Hengdong Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd. After receiving the customers’ engineering introduction and the construction requirements, the Project Experts Group was immediately established, which is composed of industry design experts and the top engineers in “Goodeng Machine” R&D center. The super large HDD machine,“GS12000-T”, was elaborately designed and tailored for the project.


  Super Large HDD Machine - “GS12000-T”


Super Large HDD Machine - “GS12000-T”


Super Large HDD Machine - “GS12000-T”

The expedition ceremony was launched at 9:38 a.m. “Goodeng Machine” Chairman Mr. Chen Fenggang expressed the thanks to Yiwu Hengdong Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd for the trust and support. He also thanked all staffs for their hard work and efforts to develop and manufacture the ‘GS12000-T”and wished the China-Russia National Gas Pipeline (East line) smooth construction and brilliant future.


Departure Ceremony


 “Goodeng Machine” Chairman Mr. Chen Fenggang Making a Speech

The Director of “Goodeng Machine” D&R center, Mr. Hu Xiaoxin, recounted the development process and the main characteristics of “GS12000-T” HDD machine. The General Manager of Yiwu Hengdong Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd, Mr. Zhou Gaoxiang said that, “Thanks for the company and support of “Goodeng Machine” over the years. In future, both sides will continue to make progress hand in hand and create brilliant tomorrow.”


“Goodeng Machine” D&R center Director Mr. Xu Xiaoxin Making a Speech


“Yiwu Hengdong” General Manager Making a Speech

At 10:13 a.m., “Goodeng Machine” Chairman Mr. Chen hand over the “Golden Key” to the Chairman of Yiwu Hengdong Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd, Mr. Zhou Hongtao. The “Golden Key” symbolizes the transfer of new equipment and indicates a longer-term future for strategic cooperation between the two sides. With the sound of firecrackers, the first super large HDD machine –- “Goodeng Machine” GS12000-T, drove out the company and departed to the main battlefield of the National Priorities Project – China-Russia Natural Gas Pipeline (East line), starting a long journey.


Handing over the “Golden Key”


GS12000-T Departing to the Battlefiled

In recent years, “Goodeng Machine” large series HDD machines have been creating one and another brilliant moment by right of remarkable characteristics of good performance, high efficiency and the low cost, and repeatedly performed the outstanding servies in large trenchless pipeline crossing projects, such as, “ Gas Transporting from West to East”, “Sichuan-to-East Natural Gas Pipeline”, “Oil-Gas Pipeline from China to Burma”, and so on. We firmly believe that “Goodeng Machine” GS12000-T HDD machine will create great glories again in the China-Russia Natural Gas Pipeline Project, and it will write legend for increasing the supply of clean energy, optimizing the energy structure, and realizing the sustainable development of social economy.