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Goodeng Machine GT5000 Pipe Thruster adopted in Project Zhejiang, Zhoushan Liquefied Natural Gas to construct undersea horizontal directional drilling

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On the morning of 30th October,Ceremony of "Goodeng Machine"GT5000 was launched in the factory of Goodeng Machine.
Goodeng GT5000 is owned by Zhejiang Yiwu Hengdong Munnicipal Administration Construction Ltd from then on. It is adopted to construct undersea directional drilling of project Zhejiang Zhoushan Liquefied Natural Gas.

Present at the ceremony are general manager Zhou Gaoxiang, project manager Zhou Hongze from Zhejiang Yiwu Hengdong Munnicipal Administration Construction Ltd, and chairman Chen Fenggang, vice president Zhuyong from Jiangsu Goodeng Engineering Machinery Assembly Company etc.      


Fig.1 Ceremony of "GT5000 Pipe Thurster depature"


Fig.2 Ceremony of“GT5000 Pipe Thurster depature"


Fig.3 Key exchange of two-side leaders

Pipe Thruster is a new technology of long-distance, large- diameter pipe horizontal directional drilling. The technology can assist horizontal directional drilling machine to pull back pipes simultaneously,which decreases construction cost,pipe load,engineering cost as well as increases construction efficiency. Meanwhile, huge attack of processing methods such as pipe ramming hammer can be avoided and lower the destruction of pipes. The  technology is the safest and the most economical methods of present large scale horizontal directional drilling construction.

Pipe Thruster Goodeng GT5000 adopts core technologies such as “Enforced Structure Design”,“Anti-pollution loss-prevention electronic load sensor control system”,“muti-power auto matching” etc, creating a new era in the field of HDD pulling back procedure reinforcement guarantee.


Fig.4 “GT5000 pipe thruster” is under debugging


Fig.5 “GT5000 pipe thruster” is under debugging


Fig.6 “GT5000 pipe thruster”


Fig.7 “GT5000 pipe thruster”

Research and development of “Goodeng Machine”GT5000 pipe thruster has been underway since 2017.And this type of pipe thruster has been adopted by plenty of global directional drilling constructions. GT5000 is palying an important role in high efficiency , easy operation construction.


Fig. 8 GT5000 Pipe Thruster adopted in the project Chittagong, Bangladesh horizontal directional drilling


Fig. 9 GT5000 Pipe Thruster adopted in the project Chittagong Single Point Mooring horizontal directional drilling


Fig. 10 GT5000 Pipe Thruster adopted in the project Chittagong Single Point Mooring horizontal directional drilling 

With the crackling of firecrackers, Goodeng Machine GT5000 is on its departure to Zhejiang Zhoushan Liquefied natural gas(⌀1016mm×920m steel pipe),to start the construction of undersea horizontal directional drilling.


Fig. 11 GT5000 Pipe Thruster on the depature to the front line

Goodeng Machine is continuously researching and innovating in the trenchless drilling, promoting the upgrading of the technology in the industry. As the indicator of trenchless drilling industry,”Goodeng Machine”is making its stout step to the globalization.