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Goodeng Machine set the precedent of establishing a test platform in Trenchless industry, to prove the real data of trenchless directional drilling machine

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To meet the upgrade demand of the market, Goodeng Machine establish the first test platform for large-scale horizontal directional drilling machine in China, which is the precedent in Trenchless industry.

According to Quality Director of Goodeng, all of the horizontal directional drilling machine in Goodeng will be test on the platform, getting qualified data report to ensure the outgoing quality. At the same time, it will provide the real data matching with the machine. If you have any doubt with your own machine, we welcome you to test them on our platform, we will show you the real data report.

From which aspects to test whether our rig meet the design scheme by our test platform?

On our platform, the max torque can be detected is 180000N•M, and the max pull force is 350T, it can completely simulate actual working condition to test respectively from structure、hydraulic system、electrical and other aspects, to achieve reliable performance and high efficiency.

  1.Test whether the pull force、torque、speed other parameters meet the design requirements.

  2. Test whether the structural strength meet the requirements by stress test.
  3. Test the hydraulic pressure、displacement、oil temperature、oil loss of the hydraulic system.

  4、Verify the reliability of the electrical circuit system 、the sensitivity of each operation and the accuracy of the sensor.

We can find problems which we can’t do daily from this test platform to avoid the problem of the customers, improving the product quality greatly.

All of us in Googeng are proud of our excelsior management concept. We set a special team for our test platform, they will conduct stricter loading test for every new product simulating actual working condition,

through testing, we can know if the machine can meet the design requirements. Our test team can find out Will tell you which part is too thin, stress is not enough, need to strengthen; Which part is too thick, it is necessary to cut. Then our R&D team will make some promotion according to their test results.

As a leader in the field of trenchless, Goodeng machine have obligation and also the ability to make a demonstration in trenchless industry competition. Goodeng machinery is an industry standard, and build healthy environment for our industry development.

Now, many enterprises also realize the importance of meeting the demand of customers, which won the consumers for themselves.

From 11 years’development of Goodeng mechanical, we find that the real competitors for enterprise are themselves, it depends that if they can meet the needs of customers. Our Goodeng Machine dare to try new things with great self-confidence to promote and drive the scale management for trenchless industry, so that trenchless industry construction will get better and better.