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Goodeng are always with you, Goodeng Overseas Service in Malaysia

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On April 10th, we start the activity named “Goodeng Overseas Service in Malaysia” ,the service team of Goodeng Machine set off from Kuala Lumpur (Our Company in Malaysia: Jiangsu Goodeng Engineering Machinery(M)SDN.BHD ;Add:20,Jalan P 2/13,Sekyen 2,Bandar,Teknologi, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor) with a truck full of accessories, they go to visit more than 20 jobsites who are doing projects after get through mountains and rivers. 

When arrived, our team start provide the best service before taking a good rest. They give the best suggestion to the operator aimed at each project, and send some accessories to the customer for free as gift. And what is exciting is that they saw more successfully project one by one, which is the most powerful support for "Goodeng for success" 



The activity took for half a month, our team visit all customer in Malaysia. They sent some accessories to the customers for free, check the capacity and performance of the machine and maintenance situation and eliminate the existing problems, they teach correct and simple operation maintenance and fault maintenance methods, and discuss construction information  upgrade requirements with customers and the way of  buying spare parts and some improvement suggestions, and finally record and settle the feedback information of the customers according to the process “presentingcheckingteachingaskingfeedback”

Malaysia locates closely to the earth's equator, known as the "eternal summer and eternal sunshine place". On April,it is the most hot in Malaysia, some engineer of our team got sunburnt, some even got heatstroke phenomenon, however, we are still on the way, we want to be with our customers and provide the best service for them.



At present, Goodeng Machine has already found a company in Malaysiaand we have two engineers live there to service the customers persistently, we even set up a spare parts center, able to timely response to the equipment repair service from the customers so that the customers can using our machine easily with no doubt  with no hesitation.


Malaysia company:Jiangsu Goodeng Engineering Machinery(M)SDN.BHD

Address:20, Jalan P 2/13, Sekyen 2, Bandar, Teknologi, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor.

Service contact personMr Ma, +60 102603621

Sales contact personMs Diana, +86 18352028020