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Goodeng machine attends Nineteenth China international trenchless

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The Nineteenth China international trenchless technology conference which is hosted by China geological society of professional committee of trenchless technology (CSTT), supported by China association for science and technology, ministry of land and resources, international cooperation and slurry sampling, China geological survey, the international association of trenchless technology (ISTT), China geological university and other units is hold in Qingdao international convention center on 10th-12th, April 2015.


This conference shows trenchless accessories with high technology content, high efficiency and new type such as cangzhou chinastar trenchless drilling tools, mud motor, leike mud pump, xian zhengdao HDD120 mud recycling system, Nanjing drill mud bentonite etc.


 GD series horizontal directional drilling machine which is independently researched by Goodeng Machine—Goodeng rock project efficiency king GD1100B-L big-medium size horizontal directional drilling machine makes full debute, let the people who took part in the exhibition have a big suprise at the moment, immediately become the focus of people talk and attention, become a star of the exhibition. GD1100B-L horizontal directional drilling machine is appropriate for the crossing project with sandy soil layer of high ability of water-absorbing and rock medium and short distance. This model has high cost-effective performance, strong adaptability and convenient transitions, which is the most high-end products of domestic medium and large drilling machine.

This time Goodeng Machine collaborate with top-ranking accessories manufacturers, simulate rock construction condition, build the highest quality accessories service team, provide highest quality construction matching plan for customers. First, let us see GD1100B-L basic performance.

GD1100B-L is new independently designed by Jiangsu Goodeng Engineering Machinery Assembling Co., Ltd. according to construction condition, which can choose single engine or double engine, saving oil.


High efficiency performance

Goodeng GD1100B-L horizontal directional drilling machine is with two sets 239kw Cummins turbocharged engine, making engine efficiency higher, torque bigger, providing strong power fro high-effective construction, oil consumption is 10%-20% lower than other engines. Equipped with imported electric proportional motor, simple and reliable rack transmission structure, push-pull rotation infinitely variable speed, improves working efficiency, it is reserved with reinforcement device, push-pull force can reach 1698KN. It is adopted with Korea Desung excavator dual speed motor, walking speed can reach 5.6km/h, proportional wire control walking system, ensure climbing safety, fast and convenient in loading-uploading and transition. Working efficiency is more effective, adopts floating spindle, which is better to protect drill rod thread. Besides, it used PLC intelligent program control system, LCD human-computer interaction system, adjust work, alarm parameter any time, monitor equipment condition real time, making operation simpler, more comfortable. Fully new design, over shape novel, majestic. Cab internal space is big, which can lift up and down with AC. With man-machine engineering principle, cab space is 20% bigger, full vision cab with AC, operation environment more comfortable.   

GD1100 series product is one of the most valuable models with fuel efficiency, reliable and fast movement which is widely well received by customers. 

System set automatic operation and manual operation, in automatic operation condition, it can adjust rig operation parameter according to soil condition, realize automatic adjust to protect HDD machine. Four-link luffing mechanism is with large angle, when change angle from 0°~18°, the rig doesn’t move, low gravity center, high rig stability, low failure rate. Low clamping center protects drill rod effectively, small ground occupation area. Front and back clamping can be separated, which can change block according to drill rod specification. Goodeng GD1100B-L horizontal directional drilling machine is unique in efficiency, and it is comprehensive high quality directional driiling machine with fuel efficiency, reliability and efficiency. In today doemsntic construction machinery market, sales experience and after-sales service comparison when purchase machine is the key reason for users to choose brand and machine.

What customers want, what can take “one-stop” shorten customer service wait

In view of the present pattern of traditional service industry, universal service resources scattered, rig manufacturers and accessories manufacturers have problem in terms of resource coordination such as time lag, service connection does not reach the designated position

Goodeng Machine launch “one-stop” service, coordinate with all kinds of high quality brands, with strong tema and big accessories service equipment, it will provide one-stop full set, systematic , convenient, high quality service for customers, which will let more and more customers feel one-stop service quickness and convenience. Services such as using old to change new machine, old machine reform, one-stop service are new service form from Goodeng company. Considering different requirement from customers from different regions, goodeng company innovatively brings advanced product manufacturing and service concept into trenchless industry from quality improvement and service, crate more new products and value-added service, these measures make goodeng horizontal directional drilling machine into new growth.