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As the leading Horizontal Directional Drilling machine manufacturer in Chinese domestic market, Goodeng Engineering Machinery Assembling Co., Ltd also got a good achievement in abroad market which includes participating in the international No-Dig exhibition, set the abroad warehouse as well as the continuous orders from abroad.

To let you know more about the company’s achievement, let us share the Goodeng news happened in 2015.

1、Tens thousands of excellent after-sales service promote the international step of Goodeng Brand

To provide excellent service and enhance the brand affection, Goodeng company as well as agencies started the abroad after-sales service for tens of thousands kilometers since August, 2015.This activity not only solved the operation and maintenance problems, but also provided the excellent training for the operators which can be regulate the safety operation for the project.

Malaysia tens of thousands kilometers after-sales service

During the after-sales service activities, our abroad servicing engineering got high recognition from the customers. Some customers are not familiar with the operation method for the machine, so the engineers operated the operation training for the customers which efficiently shorted the working period of the project.

The agencies are also highly appreciated our effort for the after-sales service for the customers, they also gave high appraisal to the quality of Goodeng machine and showed that they will promote the further cooperation with Goodeng company.

2.Give more attention for the global market and got big-size equipment order

Quality is the key element for the abroad market and customers. As the representing company in HDD industry in China ,also based on powerful quality and technology advantages ,we have been received several big equipment order from India market in recent times.

Regarding to the quality controlling processes, we have been set complete quality inspection and controlling system from the raw material process to the end products to make sure promoting the qualified products to the market.

Regarding to the quality controlling processes, we have been set complete quality inspection and controlling system from the raw material process to the end products to make sure promoting the qualified products to the market.

3.Customization of the HDD machine

Due to the different requirements from the customers in different regions, Goodeng successfully promoted the customized HDD machine to meet the customer’s private requirements.

GD130-L HDD machine is the representing machine to meet Australian climate characteristics as well as geographic requirement of the project .The machine enjoys characteristics of small sized, light weighted, much more narrow ,remote control for walking and starting ,these will guarantee the safety and convenience for the working and transportation to suit the civil construction’s requirements of flexible and convenience .

Goodeng machine also enjoys good characteristics of reliable ,efficiency and highly automatic .The equipment adopts the international accessories such as imported diesel engine from Cummins ,Germany Hirschman PLC electronic controlling processes which can improve the reliable performance of the machine .Advanced designing for the equipment structure as well as the key accessories will also guarantee the project working efficiency .Meanwhile the fully automatic manufacturing line will also guarantee the advanced manufacturing technology .

In 2015, Goodeng machine will strictly follow the national’s B&R strategy and serve the customers with the qualified products.

4.Project Guarantee for Thailand PTP-NM Natural Gas pipeline

Thailand PTP-NM natural gas project is contracted by national oil project construction Company, National Project Company as well as TRC company from Oct, 2013 with owner of Thailand national Oil company, the project working period is 870 days. The project is executed by the consortium of Shengli Petroleum Construction & Engineering Company & TRC company.

The pipeline was designed along the NO.2 High-way and to install the natural gas line with the pipe’s length of 111kilometers, diameter of 711mm as well as pipe’s thickness of 15.9mm. No.2 high way is one of the busiest road and has a powerful vehicle flow, these elements caused the high risk of the project. At the same time, there are also many high-voltage cables laid along the pipeline which will cause the signal affection for the directional drilling project.

All the above elements decide the high requirements for the HDD machine, after strict selection, Shengli Petroleum construction & engineering company selected 11 sets of 110T ,280T, 350T ,600T machines to execute the drilling project .

5.Abroad warehouse provide the guarantee for the abroad after-sales service

6.Develop the abroad market with the help of exhibition------ China brand, goodeng image

To promote the brand to the abroad, goodeng has been participated in the exhibitions in domestic and abroad ,this year we will also participate in the exhibitions in turkey ,India ,Russia and so on to present the image of Goodeng company .

In recent years, Goodeng machine not only solved the problems for the machines during the project period, but also provided the technical improvement, operator’s training, spare parts timely delivery which guaranteed the customers’ profit.

Goodeng will continuously face the challenges, involve the international operation strategy with the multiple and advanced servicing idea, created the reputed brand with the excellent after-sales service.