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"Made in Goodeng” shining on Chinese International No-dig Show, 2021

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From April 16th to 18th, the 25TH International Trenchless Technology Conference (ITTEC 2021) was held grandly at Suzhou International Expo Center. “Goodeng Machine“ brought some new products showing on the exhibition, once again showed her global pursuit of "becoming an international first-class machinery manufacturing enterprise".


Picture1: A sea of faces crowded around “Goodeng Machine” booth

Three new upgraded & developed products showed on the more than 200m2 booth, which attracted many non-excavation contractors to stop and check the machine. The exhibition machines are all the latest works, showing the top strength of “Made in Goodeng”.

1、GS8000-L——800ton machine, is the hugest HDD rig showing on this fair;


Picture 2: GS8000-L HDD machine (Demo)

2、GS1600-L —— equipped with imported motor and rotatable manipulator (Patent technique)


Picture 3: GS1600-L HDD machine


Picture 4: GS1600-L HDD machine (Demo)

3、GS450G-L——equipped with rotatable manipulator (Patent technique)


Picture 5: GS450G-L HDD machine (Demo)

In recent years, "Made in Goodeng" has stood out in the market with its reliable product quality, quality product services, and won high favor from users everywhere. In this exhibition, "Made in Goodeng" once again became the focus of the exhibition, with consulted and negotiated users going to Goodeng booth in an endless stream, especially , the GS8000-L HDD machine, which attracted the more attention of the exhibition visitors.IMG_261


Picture 6: GS8000-L (On-the-spot demo)IMG_262


Picture 7: Negotiators in an endless stream

During the exhibition, Mr. Wang Chaowen, chief R & D senior engineer of "Made in Goodeng", at the invitation of the organizing committee of the conference, participated in the non-excavation technology seminar and shared the report on the solution to the large-scale non-excavation equipment system of "Made in Goodeng" to the participants, which was highly praised by all the participants.


Picture 8: On-the-spot of delivering the report of Mr. Carlren Wang

"Made in Goodeng" has been conducting continuous technical exploration and innovation in the field of non-excavation, promoting and leading the industry technology upgrading. As the benchmark of HDD machine, "Made in Goodeng" is taking a solid step on the road of globalization through unremitting efforts!