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Saipan Trip - 2017

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In recent years, Goodeng Machine is upgrading products and technology innovation constantly and strive to improve the service quality. This enables customer satisfaction has been further improved.



To reward staffs who worked hard in 2016,our company organized a trip to Saipan this summer to have a good relax and a pleasant trip with their families.



Enjoy the beautiful Saipan scenery and partners brilliant smile, General Manager Mr. Chen Fenggang and other leaders all showed the gorgeous smile, staffs made every effort to make the great contribution to the enterprise, enterprises should also give staffs the corresponding benefits.



Appreciating the photos to enjoy the Pacific island, blue sky and white clouds, water clear sand, coconut trees shadows,I had a moment of emotion,if I came to Goodeng company early ,at the moment I would be able to experience the skydiving, four-wheel drive cross-country,fly the plane, deep sea diving, these unforgettable activities.



Walking with the family on the beach of Saipan, we looked at the endless sea, more and more felt the comfort and relaxed,delighted.

After the beautiful encounter with Saipan, Goodeng staffs took the happy family to take the return plane.



After a summer carnival,Goodeng team 's cohesiveness, unity become more powerful. Goodeng staff 's passion for work has also increased. Now,all of us are fighting the high temperature, heat, promoting production, striving for 400 million of the annual sales target.