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Successful Organization of Goodeng Machine 2017 First and Second Non-profit HDD Technology Training Session

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Passing through the busy and brilliant 2016, Goodeng Machine is embracing the brand-new and challenging 2017. In order to appreciate the customers’ consistent support as well as implement our priciple of benetifing society, “2017 Goodeng Machine HDD Technology Non-profit Training Class” was hold as promised among the expection of customers. The training class lasts from 21st, Feb. to 24th, Feb. 2017. We had the honor of inviting the chairman Yan of China Society of Trenchless Technology (CSTT) to attend the class delivering the speech about the newest trenchless market situation and information for our students, which help them have a better understanding of trenchless industry.

While the availability of 30 students can not meet the strong demand of customers, we opened a second class closly followed the first session from 7th, Mar. to 10th Mar. in which the number of students is more than 40, including 3 indonesian students, marking the first time we received the foreign students.

The two sessions of training class was in cooperation with CSTT, which entitles us to offer the most updated content and the richer curriculum from the most authoritative teachers, especially the participation of chairman Yan from CSTT. In the four-day training session, our students attend the class on Theory of HDD Technology, Principle of HDD Machine, Maintenance of Machine, Circuit System and Hydraulic System, Selection and Use of Standard Drilling Tools, Selection and Use of Rock Drilling Tools, Preparation of Slurry and Bentonite, Calculation and Operation of Locating, Face-to-face Guidance of Machine Operation, Jobsite Simulation and so on. These systematic training classes offer a clear theory guidance for practical operation for our students.

On the last day of the training session, the students attended the expertise examination organized by CSTT, and those who passed the exam were awarded with relevant certificate like certificate of machine operator/locating operator/slurry manipulator, achieving a perfect ending for their “Goodeng Journey”.



Pic 1. Training Class Opening Ceremony 


 Pic 2. Goodeng Machine Introduction



  Pic 3. Enthusiastic Class Atmosphere



   Pic 4. Indonesian Students Attending Discussion



        Pic 5. Drilling Machine Hydraulic and Circuit Class



         Pic 6. Standard Drilling Tool Class



         Pic 7. Rock Drilling Tool Class



  Pic 8. Location Class



 Pic 9. Slurry Class



Pic 10. Real Machine Introduction


Pic 11. Locating Practice



  Pic 12. Jobsite Simulation 



 Pic 13. Expertise Examination



   Pic 14. CSTT Chairman Yan Delivering A Speech at Closing Ceremony



   Pic 15. General Manager Chen Delivering A Speech at Closing Ceremony



   Pic 16. Group Photo of Students in 2017 First Session and Chiaman Yan with Goodeng Machine Senior Manager



   Pic 17. Group Photo of Students in 2017 Second Session and Chiaman Yan with Goodeng Machine Senior Manager


  The four-day training class convinces our students that our non-profit program is indeed a return to our customers’ support and has offered an opportunity for them to take a close look at Goodeng Machine, strengthening their confidence in Goodeng brand.

“Goodeng Machine” will constantly carry the belief of raising the customer satisfaction, serving our customers wholeheartedly, continue holding the non-profit HDD technology training session to cultivate the experts for HDD industry.