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Warmly congratulate "GOODENG(GOODENG MACHINE)" trademark is deemed to be China Well-known trademark.

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   Happy events one after another from the beginning of the new year 2019, On January 8th, Jiangsu goodeng Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. ushered in a major event. "GOODENG(GOODENG MACHINE)" was recognized as "China Well-known trademark" by the Trademark Office of the State Intellectual Property Office. On the same day morning , the awarding ceremony was held in Goodeng company. Yancheng Dafeng District government authorities and relevant leaders of the Industry Garden came to the site to witness this historic moment.


Picture1:Chairman Mr. Chen Fenggang (middle)received the "China Well-known trademark"plaque.


Picture 2:Chairman Mr. Chen Fenggang (four from left), took photos 

with relevant government authorities and relevant leaders of the Industry Garden .


      "China Well-known Trademark"refers to a trademark that is widely known by the public and enjoys a high reputation. This title is the highest honor in the field of Chinese trademarks. GOODENG company's trademark has been recognized by China's well-known trademarks, which means the "GOODENG (GOODENG MACHINE)" brand has been recognized as a quality product by the authority, and it is a real and famous brand in the trenchless industry.


Picture 3:"GOODENG(GOODENG MACHINE)" China Well-known Trademark plaque.


Picture 4:Senior executives warmly welcome "China Well-known Trademark"


Picture 5:Company staffs warmly welcome "China Well-known Trademark"


      "Goodeng Machine", with more than ten years of R&D, manufacturing, sales experience and service integration of trenchless industry equipment, has achieved "Yancheng Excellent Enterprise", "Jiangsu province Enterprise Technology Center"and "National High-tech "Enterprise" and other titles,Now "GOODENG (GOODENG MACHINE)" received the "China Well-known Trademark" reputation, is the accumulation of more than 10 years effort, but also the community's high recognition of Goodeng products.


Picture 6:"GOODENG MACHINE" Panorama


Picture 7:"GOODENG MACHINE" Workshop picture


      In the past 2018, "Goodeng Machine"constantly upgraded and innovated core technologies to improve quality service and customer satisfaction. At the same time, we rushed to the world's major exhibitions, competed with the world famous enterprises, and used the international stage to show ourself. "Goodeng Machine" sold more than 1,000 sets machines in 2018, and sales exceeded 600 million. We quickly seized the vast market, which fully demonstrated the unique charm and brand advantage of Goodeng products. Therefore, "GOODENG (Goodeng Machine) "The title of "China Well-known Trademark" is deserved.


Picture 8:"Goodeng Machine" Wonderful shining in 2018 Russia Trenchless Exhibition


Picture 9"Goodeng Machine" Wonderful shining in 2018 India Trenchless Exhibition


      All the past, are prologues! In 2019, These achievements will encourage us to forge ahead and make further progress.Right now ,right here ,let us climb the peak, and write a new chapter in Goodeng with creativity and passion.In 2019, "Goodeng Machine" will work together with partners to create greater value for the society, and take "to become a world-class trenchless equipment manufacturing enterprise" as the corporate vision, and create a more brilliant tomorrow together with global trenchless customers!